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Jet Airways Crisis: Latest News, Stories.

Jet Airways Crisis: Latest News, Stories.
Jet Airways

Down Fall of Jet Airways

First of all we should know that there is  already a debt of over Rs 8,500 crore on Jet Airways which Jet Airways not be able to clear till date.

Now, The whole matter arises after when the banks rejected the airlines request for emergency funding of Rs 400 crore on Tuesday 16 April. And all This happens because Jet Airways is not cleared the first loan and it's situation is become worst and so all banks are worried to give more money as a loan. And due to that they don't have to ground its Planes at least temporarily. But now it is completely closed.

Major Crisis

Now, after the rejection from banks Jet Airways management has asked the government to release Rs. 175 crore to Pay one month of salary to its Staff. And for that they want to kept  "Boeing 777" Planes as collateral. But government also rejected its request.

The Problem

The main problem for government is that the "Boieng 777" Planes which Jet Airways wants to keep as collateral is also not completely own by Jet Airways.

That Jet Airways had bought  this  "Boeing 777" Plane on loan. But recently it make this defaulted on a "loan of EXIM Bank" through which the aircraft were bought. And so this is the reason why Indian Banks are unable to treat the Planes as collateral.


Export- Import Bank of India is a finance Institution In India, established in 1982 under Export - Import Bank of India Act 1981".  It is a catalyst and a key Player in the Promotion of cross Border trade and investment. It's Headquarter is in Mumbai, India.

How Much Money Does Jet Airways need to come back ?

Getting the grounded airline back in air and clawing back its lost market share, it will require at least Rs.700 crore. Instantly, Because, it don't have even money to buy fuels for its Planes. And, other than that, Jet Airways' engineers, Pilots and senior management have not been Paid salaries since January and the dues till march reportedly add up to Rs. 600 crore . So, total sum of money needed by Jet Airways is Rs. 7600 crore.

Who Can Rescue Jet Airways ?

Banks, already  burnt by king fisher Airlines in the Past means that Bank have left it to Potential investors to receive the airline by infusing fresh capital.

The lenders issued a statement saying that " the best way forward for the survival of Jet Airways is to get the bidding bids " from the investors that had submitted expressions of interest.

Parties who showed Interest 

Recently is media the name of reliance company is flashing that according to media reliance had showed a interest in it.

And the shortlisted bidders is:- Etihad Airways (which has already a very large Part of share in Jet Airways or we can say that Etihad is Jet's largest shareholder and it indirectly wants to become the only shareholder) and other are TPG Capital, Indigo Partners and National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) - have been issued bid documents on April 16. However, if the airline may even land in bankruptcy court.

Reasons for Jet Airways collapse

Primarily due to UDAN scheme Indian Aviation market faced a strong growth rate in last  years that the  average yearly growth rate of 20 % which is among the fastest in the world.
But, Inspite of that companies are suffering due to some reasons:-

Reckless competition:- 

While it is true that fuel costs, which account for about half of the expenses of running an reckless competition is responsible for the sorry flight of the industry.

Low Margins:-

Margins in the airline industry are wafer- thin in the best of times and the combined effect of rising fuel Prices and the inability to Pass them on to consumers due to competition has Proved to ve a deadly cocktail.

Aviation Turbine Fuel 

High cost of "Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF)" including the high tax and surcharges is also a major cause of destruction  of Jet Airways.  That Jet Airways mostly have international flights and so, it have to pay more (ATF) as compared to others.

Aviation on Industry crisis

This is not a first or single case of destruction of Aviation company due to aviation Tax. Before this many companies are also faced the same crisis and destroyed completely by (ATF) Tax.

That, it was in October 2012, when Kingfisher Airlines shut its operation after a strike by its employees.

Air Deccan and Air  Sahara are before the kingfisher Airlines shut its operations.
Share had a good product but was in a financial mess. Jet Airways bought the Sahara Airline for Rs 1450 crore and converted it to a low-cost carrier under Jet Lite brand .

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Appiko Movement of 1983 in India.

Appiko Movement in India (notes to clear IAS)
Appiko Movement

Major Movements of India

1) Bishnoi Movement (1730)
2) Chipko Movement (1973)
3) Save Silent Valley Movement (1978)
4) Jungle Bachao Andholan (1982)
5) Appiko Movement (1983)
6) Narmada Bachao Andhalon (NBA) (1985)
7) Tehri Dam Conflict (1990)

Origin of Movement

The People's struggle against commercial forest policy has come to light in the region of Uttara Kannada .

Because the destruction of tropical natural forests has caused irreversible changes in the ecosystem of the forests. The biomass for fodder, fertilizer, etc. And upto 1980 only 25% forests cover were left there.

The clear felling if natural forests has led to serve soil erosion and drying up of Perennial water resources. Moved by the destruction of essential ecological processes , the youth of Salkani village in Sirsi launched a Chipko movement which was locally known as "Appiko Chaluvali".
They embraced the trees which were to be felled by contractors of the forest department.

This is mostly done for the subject of "3Ps" that :-

1) Paper

2) Plywood

3) Power

And so, forests are continuously cutted for the these (3Ps) only.  And the protest within the forest continued for 38 days and finally the felling orders were withdrawn. The success of this agitation spread to other Places and the movement has now been launched in eight areas covering the entire sirsi forest division in Uttara Kannada and shimoga districts.

The Appiko Movement, a movement similar to the chipko Movement, was launched in September 1983 by the representatives of a yuvak Mandali to save the western Ghats in South west India.

Objectives of Appiko Movements

The movements Objectives can be classified into three major areas. First, the Appiko Movement is struggling to save the remaining tropical forests in the western Ghats .

Second , it is making a modest attempt to restore the greenery to demand areas.

Third, it is striving to propagate the idea of rational utilization in order to reduce the pressure on forest resources.  To save, to grow and to use rationally Popularly know in Kannada as Ubsu ("save"), Belesn ("grow") and Balasu ("rational use") is movement's popular slogan.

Methods used in Appiko Movement

The Appiko Movement uses various techniques to raise awareness, foot marches in the interior forests, slide shows , folk dances, street plays and so on.

The second area of the Appiko Movements work is to promote afforestation on demanded lands. In the villagers to grow saplings. Individual families as well as village youth clubs have taken an active interest in growing decentralized nurseries.

The third major area of activity in the Appiko movement is related to rational use of the ecosphere through introducing alternative energy sources to reduce the pressure on the forest.

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Electoral Bonds : Latest News And Current Affairs

Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth

Cricket World Cup 2019


Electoral Bonds : Latest News And Current Affairs

Electoral Bonds : Latest News And Current Affairs
Electoral Bonds

The Issue :-

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) is a 20 years old organisation which is awarded many times for there works like voters awareness and Democratic reforms.

Now, the issue is that recently ADR gone to supreme court and questioned the anonymity based funding scheme on the grounds that it promotes opacity, and also opens up the possibility of black money being donated to Parties through shell companies and empowers the ruling party, that is alone in a position to identify the donors and this may lead to the wrong practices of to discourage donations to other Parties.

What Election Commission of India Said

The Election commission of India has made the following observations:-

That they said that  Electoral bonds, contrary to government claims, wreck transparency in political funding . And they also said that the Electoral Bonds coupled with the removal of the Cap on foreign funding invites foreign corporate powers to impact Indian Politics.

Electoral Bonds

The idea of Electoral Bonds was introduced first time in the union budget 2017. And then upto January 2018 Finance Minister "Arun Jaitley" announced all the guidelines related to electoral bonds in the Lok Sabha.

Changes that were made

Electoral Bonds were introduced by many "Amendment" made through  the "Finance Act 2017" to the "Reserve Bank of India Act 1934", "Representation of Peoples Act 1951"," Income Tax Act 1961", and companies Act.

Notes Regarding Electoral Bonds

So, Before the budget of 2017, there was a rule that if a Political Party gets a donation of less than Rs. 20,000 from a donor, then it was not mandatory to reveal the source of fund.

But this rule was misused by Political Parties and so it is said that near about all the Political Parties received 90% of their Political Fund in the denomination of less than Rs.20,000. So, in this way a huge amount of Black money generated and used in the election campaigning.

Therefore all these problems were solved by introducing the Electoral Bonds.

So, on the basis of the recommendation of the Election commission, the government had reduced the limit of anonymous donation to Rs. 2000 only in budget 2017.

It means that for a donation of more than Rs. 2,000 the Political Party will have to reveal the source of donation. And so, electoral bonds will be used here.

Elections Bond Definition

Here, Electoral Bond refers to a bond which has its specified face value mentioned on it like a currency note. These bonds can be used by the individuals, institutions and organisations to donate money to the Political parties.

These electoral bonds will be available in the denomination of Rs. 1,000, Rs.10,000, Rs 1 lakh , Rs. 10 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore.

The Donation Can only be made to :-

So, Those Party which is registered under section 29 A of the representation of the peoples act, `1951 and has secured at least 1% votes Polled in the most recent Lok Sabha or State Election will be eligible to receive fund through electoral bonds.


1) Name of electoral bonds purchase will be kept confidential by the banks.

2) Electoral Bonds will be valid for 15 days from the date of Purchase.

3) The bonds will be available for Purchase for a Period of 10 days each in the beginning of every quarter. In the year of Lok Sabha elections, and 30 days extra will be provided.

4) Bonds can be purchased in January, April, July and October months of each year.

Who can Purchase Electoral Bonds ?

The Electoral bonds under this Scheme may be Purchased by a person, who is a citizen of  India or Incorporated or Established in India.

Rules for the Donating Company 

Any Company which is not a Government Company as Per the Provision of the Companies ACT, and has been in existence for at least "3 years" may contribute any amount directly or indirectly to any Political Party, i.e , eligible Company.


The concerns is that the ruling party is getting all the controls over knowing the donor name. That Donor Bank and the receiver bank know the identity of the Person. But both the banks reports to the RBI which, in turn, is subject to the central governments will to know.

What Supreme Court said

Supreme Court allows Electoral Bonds but with riders, Supreme Court orders all Political Parties to disclose to Electoral Commission details of every donation they receive via electoral bonds till 15 May.

Election Commission had stated that it will support the electoral bond scheme only if the donor's name is revealed.

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Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth

Cricket World Cup 2019


Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth

 Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth
Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria is an Indian actor and singer. She is born in Maharashtra, Mumbai. She is most beautiful actress and one of the best upcoming actress in the bollywood. Let's start the journey to know more about her.


1) Tara Sutaria Biography

2) Physical Appearance

3) Tara Sutaria , friends, family and boyfriend

4) Favourite Things

5) Career

6) Academy

7) Interesting Facts about her.

1) Tara Sutaria Biography

She was born on November 19 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is upcoming talented actress in the Bollywood. But before come in bollywood she had received training in many dance forms like classical ballet, Modern and Latin American dances from The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance, Royal Academy of Dance, UK and Imperial Society of Teachers of  Dancing , UK. She also received the scholarship from the Royal Academy of  Dance in London.

2) Physical Appeareance

She is 5'6" tall and her weighs is around 55-60 Kgs. She has brown eye and her hair is black.

3) Tara Sutaria, friends, family and boyfriend

She lives in Mumbai with her Parents. Her parents name is Himanshu  and Tina Sutaria. She has twin Sister, her sister name is Pia Sutaria. She is rumoured that she is dating the actor Rohan Vinod Mehra.
who made his bollywood debut with the movie "Bazaar".

 Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth

4) Favourite Things

Tara is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

Her favourite actor is Ranbir kapoor and favourite Anushka Sharma.

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani is her favourite movie.

She also listens the songs which is sung by Taylor Swift, Yo Yo Honey Singh , Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston.

She is fond of watching the Bigg Boss and MTV Spiltsvilla.

5) Career

She has promoted to many brands like- Jet Gems and Swarovski.

She has been singing at the age of 7 years and at the NCPA for more than 10 years.

She has also  a solo singer for the "Stop Gaps Choral Ensemble" of the Stop- Gaps Cultural .

She debut with the bollywood movie - "Student of the Year-2".

6) Academy.

Tara has endorsed featured in various TV commercials like Hamdard Safi.

 Tara Sutaria , News, Biography, Age, Wife, Awards and Networth

7) Interesting Fact About her

She Consumes alcohol occasionally.

She likes to singing, dancing , travelling and sketching.

She is a pet lover.

Tara likes the red color .

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The First Picture of Black Hole

The First Picture of Black Hole
Black Hole

Before the first image of Black hole

Our great scientists John Michell and Pierre simon Laplace first ever said or say given a hint similar to the concept of Black hole in 18th century that they sail there is something or object whose gravitational fields are too strong also for light to escape.

After that Karl Schwarzschild in 1916 given the first modern solution of general relativity that would characterize a black hole.

First ever image of a black hole

The supermassive black hole is 40 billion kms wide and it is at a distance of approx 500 million trillions kms away from earth. This black hole is found in Galaxy M87 (Messier 87). The distance of this Black hole in terms of light year is 50 million light years away from earth.

Messier 87 Galaxy

It is one of the most massive galaxies in the local universe and this massive galaxy contains this massive supper active supermassive black hole at its core.

And the black hole was imaged in 2019 by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Event Horizon Telescope

This the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is in itself a project to create a large telescope array consisting of a global network of radio telescope and then after all the data were combined from several very- long -baseline - interfarometry (VLBI)  stations around the Earth.

And the aim of this is to observe the immediate environment of the super massive black hole sagittarius A*  at the center of the Milky way,  as well as to observe also larger black hole in the center of the supergiant elliptical galaxy (Messier 87), with angular resolution comparable to the black holes event Horizon.

The Important observatory

The important observatory envolved in this Event Horizon Telescope is follows:-

1) "ALMA" observatory at the height of 16,500 ft from sea level in chile.

2) "Keck" observatory at the height of 14,000 ft from sea level.

3) Very large array group of observatory at the height of 7,000 ft from sea level.
     In this three observatory work in combined form.

4) Kitt Peak observatory at the height of 6,900 ft from sea level.

5) Palamar observatory at the height of 5,600 ft from sea level.

    So, overall eight observatory are involved in this happening.

And all these observatory were worked in combined form that they worked together and countries which are involved are Japan, USA, Canada, etc. So, this Immortal Image of black of is a product team work.

What is the Red Ring around black hole ?

The British ring visible in all of these image of the black hole accreation disk, is the gas which is being sucked toward the center and gets heated until it begins to glow, and the disk appears brighter on one side is because of the doppler's effect.

Doppler's effect in terms of light is defined as the  "light moving toward us seems to go faster from our point of view, while light moving away from us goes slower".

Basic Black Hole Anatomy

Now, this event horizon is related to black hole that if any thing comes near to event horizon then it immediately comes in effect black hole even light also comes in effect of Black hole if it comes in event horizon.

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Avenger Endgame breaks record of its online ticket sale

Cricket World Cup 2019


Avenger Endgame breaks record of its online ticket sale

Avenger Endgame breaks record of its online ticket sale
Avenger Endgame

As we know that the previous part of Avenger Infinity War is awesome and incredible and his next part Avenger Endgame is more incredible than his previous parts.

As the news coming from the sources that the Avenger Endgame ticket is now for online sale. It breaks the records of their previous parts of their online sale tickets. So, you guys imagine how it can be so exciting and tremendous movie of this year 2019. It is the biggest blockbuster movie of this year. Hope you guys go to theatre to watch this movie. 

It is the greatest movie of MCU because in this movie all the characters of this Marvel is available in this movie.

The War against Infinity characters against Thanos is very interesting and would be awesome. The duration of this movie is approx 3 hours. I hope you guys should enjoy this movie.

Avenger Infinity war total box office collection was about 1.38 billion $ all time is now become the fourth highest earning movie of all time.

What do you think guys Avenger Endgame can break the record of its previous part or not? Comment below to not that this movie is blockbuster or not?


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