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Indian Navy Launches Guided Missile Destroyer INS imphal- Newspot

Indian Navy Launches Guided Missile Destroyer INS imphal- Newspot

INS  Imphal Guided Missile Destroyer

The Indian Navy has launched its third guided missile destroyer, INS Imphal at "Mazgaon Docks" as Part of its Project 15B.

VISAKHAPATNAM - Class  Destroyer

The visakhapatnam class (Project 15 Bravo) is a class of stealth guided missile destroyers currently under construction for the "Indian Navy" .

The class comprises four ships- Visakhapatnam, morrmugao, Imphal and Porbandar all of which are being built by the "Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)" in India, and will be the destroyers to be operated by the Indian Navy.


                          Yard No.   laid down   launched   commissioning

Visakhapatnam :- 12704   12 october  20 April     2021(expected)
                                                2013               2015

Mormugao :-       12705      4 june      17 sept       2022(expected)
                                                2015             2016

Imphal :-             12706       19 may    20 April     2023(expected)           
                                                 2017        2019
Porbandar :-        12707       19 july     not declared    not declared
                                                 2018               (under construction)

Indian Navy Launches Guided Missile Destroyer INS imphal- Newspot


"Laid Down" ,  "Launched" , And  "Commissioned".

"Keel laying" or  "laid down" is the formal commencement of the construction of  a ship.

"Launch" of a ship is when the ship is floated and pushed out of the dry docks. It however, does not mean that the construction may be over. Many Systems, ESP (extra sensory perception) for an aircraft carrier, like weapons, surveillance, "RADAR" system and self defense systems may be added later.

"Commissioning" is the formal handing over the aircraft carrier (or any vessel)  to the operator.

INS Imphal

INS Imphal is the third ship of the visakhapatnam- class stealth guided-missile destroyers of the Indian Navy.

The Ship was named in recognition of the Indian soldiers who fought in Battle of Imphal during world war II.

It is first warship to be "christened" after a city in the Northeast.

Guided Missile Destroyer Means

A guided- missile destroyer is a destroyer designed to launch guided missiles. Many are also equipped to carry out anti - submarine , anti-air and anti-surface operations.

Armament of INS Imphal

Anti-air missiles :-  Here 4x8 cell VLS, for a total of 32 " Barak 8 missiles" are installed.

And as well as 

Anti-ship / land - attack missiles:- So here, 2x8 - cell UVLM for 16 BrahMos anti- ship  and land - attack missiles are installed.

Aviation  Facilities

It have a flight deck also. It have dual enclosed hangar for a combination of 2 westland sea king , Chetak or HAL Dhruv helicopters.

 Comparison with China

In March 1997 only, China had made the Luhu- class guided missile destroyer Harbin, the Luda-class guided missile destroyer zhuhai, and the replenishment oiler Nan cang began the PLA Navys first circum navigation of the Pacific Ocean.

And on 26 December 2008, China had Placed, the PLAN DISPATCHED a task group consisting of the guided missile destroyer Haikou ( flagship) , the guided missile destroyer Wuhan in his Navy. So, definitely, china is ahead but we are catchuping  China slowly in terms of Destroyers.


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