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Indonesia Will Move Its Capital From- Fast Sinking Jakarta to East Kalimantan - Newspot

Indonesia Will Move Its Capital From- Fast Sinking Jakarta- Newspot

Change of capital

In 2019, President of Indonesia was announced that Jakarta would no longer be the capital of Indonesia in the future, with a 10-year Plan to transfer all government offices to a new capital city.

Three locations were Proposed : "Palangkaraya", "Tanah Bumbu"  and  "North Penajam Paser"-  these all are in Kalimantan in Indonesia.

Reasons Behind this decision 

Now, the problem is that  Jakarta is sinking and upto 2030 the very large part of North Jakarta or it is possible that whole North Jakarta will submerge in water. And in the long run that means after 70-80 years the very large part of Jakarta will submerge in water and the Indonesian government guessed consequence which should be faced by Jakarta (Indonesia) very early (in 2019 only).  Then, the government decided to move its capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan And there are other reasons are also in existence with this is that Jakarta is already a very active industrial city that here lots of economical activites are exercised and that's why lots of employment are available here and due to that from all over other parts of Indonesia many peoples come to Jakarta in search of work and so, due to that load of population is increased in Jakarta and so due to that here traffic is also in bad situations.

So, overall Now a days Jakarta is easily playing his role very easily as a capital.

So, Indonesian government proposed to change the capital of Indonesia from Jakarta to Borneo Island part which comes under Indonesia in Kalimantan. And here the main contender for being capital is Palangkaraya because the Geologist are supporting this very much because it is very safe with respect to natural climate and geologist says that here is very less risks of single natural disasters in recent future.

Indonesian  Future capital city proposal 

In Java, the population is 57 percent of the total for Indonesia, or more than 140 m people , to the point that the ability to support this, whether in terms of the environment, water or traffic in the future, will no longer be possible. So, I decided to move outside Java

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     _ Indonesian President

Jakarta is sinking 

Jakarta is a victim of climate change, the fault of humans the world over (though mostly the fault of corporations) but it's also a victim of its own policies. The city is sinking - a process known as land subsidence - because residents and Industries have been draining aquifers, often illegaly, to the point that the land is now collapsing.

Think of it like a giant underground water bottle : If you empty too much of it and give it a good squeeze, it's going to buckle. Accordingly, parts of Jakarta are sinking by as much as 10 inches a year.

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