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Why Sri Lanka Bans Burqa ( Specially it bans Face Covering) ?

Why Sri Lanka Bans Burqa ( Specially it bans Face Covering) ?

SriLanka Bans Face Coverings

Srilanka President Maithripala Sirisena on Suday  (28 April, 2019) decreed a ban on any form of face covering that can hinder the identification of any individual under emergency regulations.

Here are some definitions

1. KHIMAR :- Cover head, neck and shoulders.

2) BURQA :- Cover enter body including the face.

3) NIQAB :- Covers face showing only eyes.

4) HIJAB :- Covers hair and neck .

5) CHADOR :- Full body cloak revealing or face 

The Law has come  during  emergency 

The emergency Law  will prevent muslim as well as other women from veiling their faces in public.

The decision comes after the cabinet of the Sri Lanka government had proposed laws banning face veils in a recent meeting.


There are currently 14 nations that have banned the burqa (not to be confused with the hijab) including Austria , Denmark , France , Belgium , Tajikistan , Latvia,  Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chad, congobrazzaville , Gabon , Netherlands, China Moroco and Sri lanka.

The National Question of Religious Focedons

But here a larger question comes in front of us is of National security. And here we have seen that there are many countries in which burqa is not banned and then even security is very high like India.

In India there are malls, Airpots , Railway Station etc. in which high class security check up is exercised and we have completely did a very tight and strong security setups to prevent these unsocial activities. And so, all together don't take the basic rights of religions minorities if you have to take care of take care of national securities then for that there are many options. Because these steps are in few mean  polarising the human beings.

So, in long run banning anything is not a good answer. Instead of that the good answer is  to think that how we can reach our goal without offending anyone.

But of course this case have a various Prospectives and you also have your own Opinion. so, you can share it to all of us.

But must keep one thing in mind that be careful and keep religious sensitivity in mind and don't be offensive and don't insult anyone.

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