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How Shams-ud-din ILtutmish Became The First Sultan Of India - Newspot ?

 How Shams-ud-din ILtutmish Became The First Sultan Of  India  - Newspot  ?

Shams-ud-Din ILtutmish

Do you know shams-ud-din-Iltutmish  was the first Muslim ruler who became the sultan of India ?

Qutub-ud-din Aibak died at December  1, 1210 (@60 age) in Lahore , Pakistan.  After the death of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak  Shams-ud-din-Iltutmish became the first real Turkish sultan of Delhi. He was married to the daughter of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak and defeat Aibak inefficient son Aram shah who is placed on the throne by his officers at Lahore.

But Aram shah was opposed by the nobles of Delhi . In the court, the high officials including Turkish nobles at Delhi decided to invite  IItutmish to became the king because he was more capable than the son of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak . Finally the moments came when IItutmish was waiting this opportunity , responded to their call and reached Delhi and may take the powers of SUltan. The Battle between Aram Shah and Shams-ud-din IItutmish was fought in 1211  A.D.  which was won by IItutmish , then  IItutmish killed Aram shah in this battle . After this, the golden period of IItutmish was started in 1211 A.D.

He was the first muslim sultan of India  who get the recongization by the Khalifa. He was one of the successful sultan of Delhi because he safe Delhi from the attacks of Mongol kingdom which is in under the control of Genghis khan as well as both Yeldoz and  Qubacha . He also established his rule in north-India where Rajput powers made his difficult to him to capture the north India.

He also issued coins in his name and made his rule hereditary and made Delhi a beautiful city as his capital.

Early Career of ILtutmish 

IItutmish was born in a Turkish family in Central Asia . He was younger child in his family. He was handsome, tall and intelligent and loved by his parents. But  his jealous brother sold him as a slave merchant whose named as Jamal-ud-din.

He then received training as a soldier and he also received training in reading and writting as well. Muhammad Ghori was impressed by Iltutmish and recommended him to Qutub-ud-din-Aibak in these words:-  Treat Iltutmish well , for  he will distinguish himself. His statement became true later. Under Qutub-ud-din-Aibak , IItutmish came near the heart of Aibak and then he became the governor of Badaun. Aibak was so impressed by him that he made him his son-in-law.

His Difficulties 

IItutmish took the throne of Delhi at a time when the difficulties and crisis started . He had to face a number of difficulties in India and from outside the india. After the death of his master Qutub-ud-din-Aibak , the two big  rival get infront of IItutmish to became the king of Delhi Sultanate. Their rivals names are :- Taj-ud-din Yeldoz of Ghazni and Nassiruddin Qubacha of upper sind and Multan.

Yeldoz wanted to become the sultan of India and treated Iltutmish  as his slave who works under the rule of him. And his second rival Qubacha, the governor of Multan declaring his independence after the death of Aibak and also wanted to became the sultan of India

Another  big  problems faced by the IItutmish was that  Ali Mardan , the governor of Bengal and Bihar declared his independency after the death of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak.

The Another big problem faced by the IItutmish after the revolt of Rajput states like Ranthambhor , Jalor , Ajmer , Gwalior and other states had stopped paying taxes to him and declared their independence.

But the IItutmish was a brave and intelligent sultan. He accepted the whole challenge and faced the problems sincerly.

Defeat of Yeldoz

The one of the biggest enemy of IItutmish was  Taj-ud-din- Yeldoz of ghazani . He made preparations to face the battle with Yeldoz. Yeldoz was defeated by khwarizm shah and he came in India. In India , Yeldoz defeated Qubacha and captured Lahore and Punjab.

Then, IItutmish attack Yeldoz and  a battle between the two took place in the historic battle field of Tarain in 1215 A.D.

Yeldoz was defeated and death by IItutmish  with this all connections with Ghazni were cut by and   IItutmish felt secure. But he did not attack Qubacha and allowed him to rule over Multan.

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