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Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/


Now first of all we will start this with the topic moon because this mission is over all related to Moon.


It is a Earth's only permanent natural satellite.

The soviet unions "Luna Program" was the first to reach with unmanned spacecraft in 1959.
And after that there is a big break through came in "Apollo 11 mission" which was organised by "USA".

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the Moon.

Members were :- "Neil A. Armstrong ", "Buzz Aldrin.

so , over all "12 Men" have walked on the Moon. And in which all are the US astronauts from the Apollo Program missions.

But finally India contributed there role in Moon Missions in October 2008 in one of its Missions in October 2008 with one of its space program named as  "Chandrayaan -1".


Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

It was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation  (ISRO) in October 2008, and operated until august 2009.

The estimated cost for the project was 386 crore .

It achieved a lots of knowledge about moon and among its many achievements , Its  greatest achievement was the discovery of the widespread presence of water molecules in the "lunar soil" (on Moon).

Is there water on the Moon ?

Yes, there is water on Moon, but it is not in liquid form . Because , the liquid water cannot persist at the Moon's surface and the water vapour is decomposed by sunlight , because hydrogen quickly lost to outer space.

And , However , scientists have conjectured since the 1960 s that there may be water ice that survive in cold at the Permanently shadowed craters at the Moon's Poles.


Now , here India's second Mission "Chandrayaan-2" to the Moon is a totally indigenous mission comprising of "an orbiter" "Lander ( named as VIKRAM) " and "Rover ( PRAGYAN)".

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

Now After reaching the 100 Km of the lunar orbit , the lander housing the Rover in  "Chandrayaan-2" will separate from the orbiter.

And after that with a  descent control, the lander will softly land on the Lunar surface at  a specified site and deploy a Rover.

Notes on Chandrayan -2

Cost :- Rs 978 crore (approx)

Launch vehicle for this is :-  "GSLV MKIII "

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

Purpose :-  It collect the data on lunar topography , minerallogy , elemental , abundance , lunar and exosphere and signatures of hydroxe and water-ice  (Presence of Water).


HAVING A MASS - 27 KG which work on solar power

Our Country "Indian space research Organisation" (ISRO) unlike Nasa's  "Apollo" and  Russia's  "Luna" missions which were placed  (or landed) the Rover on the equatorial  region of the moon , is Planning to land the Rover near the south Pole.

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

And, so after the soft-landing , the six- wheeled rover will get detached from the  lander  and then it moved 100- 200 meteron the moon's surface and it will analyse the content. And, as excepted , It will remain active for 14 earth days (one lunar day ) and send back the datas and images to the earth via the "orbiter" with in "15 minutes".

Importance of Chandrayaan-2

Why Moon's South Pole is chosen for this mission?

So, there is a question arise that why was the southern Polar region of moon is chosen ?  So, the answer for this question  is that the space agency has said that Moon's South  Pole is more interesting because the surface area  under shadow in South Pole is much larger  than that at the North Pole.

And,  "There is a possibility of the Presence of water in Permanently shadowed areas of south Pole.  In addition , south pole region has craters that are cold traps and contain a fossil records of the early solar system" , so, the south Pole has chosen.

It's  Objective

From the scientific sides, the main aim of Chandrayaan -2  is to search the presence  of water on moon and with that the aims are to study Moon's topography , mineralogy , exosphere and  the hydroxyl signatures, etc.

And , the orbiter will creater 3D maps of the lunar surface and study the water ice in the south Polar region.

Challenges of this mission 

The main challenge of this mission is to safely land the rover on moon's southern surface . Because as the surface of moon have a numbers of small and big craters ; So there is a strong possibility that rover may land in those craters which have uneven surface and if  it falls on that uneven surface then it may get tilted to one end or may fall completely in that.

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

So, our scientists are trying their best and taking lots of precautions to land it safely on even surface part of moon's south pole. so, that it can work properly and fulfill the purpose of this mission with it's hundred percent accuracy without failing.

Chandrayaan - 2 : Launch Date - https://www.googlenewz.xyz/

But due to some technical glitch the last schedule of launching was postponed. But the ISRO has now announced again the new launching date of chandrayaan - 2 . so, the new launching date of chandrayaan - 2 is ( 22nd july 2019 timing 2:51 pm ) .

Chandrayaan-2 ka  historic samay 

The landing time of Chandrayaan-2 on Moon at September-7 @ around 1:30- 2:00 am. 
Chandrayaan-2 is landing on south side of  Moon. India is the first country who landed on south side of Moon.

Chandrayaan -2 is 35 km above the Moon and got decided where to land on Moon. He don't receive any instruction from the ISRO.

ISRO President Mr. Siwan said that- The situtation of landing time of Chandrayaan-2 on Moon got goose bums to us because ISRO never land any space shuttle on the south side of Moon.

In night @ 1:40 am Chandrayaan-2 landed @ 90 degree. In 1:55 am in between the two craters. After two hours @ 3:55  am the rap of lander get opened.

In Morning, 5:55 am Lander came out of Rover and land on Moon. The images of Chandrayaan whole mission gets ISRO on 11 am.

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