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Major Reason of Unemployment in India

Reason Behind of Unemployment In India

Today is very interesting and crucial topic around us. Which is unemployment ? we know India still comes in the top developing economy in the world.

But there is still one of the most important question arises why unemployment rate in India is huge ?

i) Lack of the physical capital

ii) Increase in Population

iii) Educated Unemployment

iv) Technological Unemployment

v) Seasonal Unemployment

vi) Often Peoples are job seekers in India

vii) Don't focus on skill

i) Lack of Physical Capital

The major cause of unemployment and underemployment in India is the lack of physical capital to meets the desired requirement which means to produced the goods or services for sustain the life. They don't have much capital to produced goods or services to fulfill the market and earn money for their livelihood. In this case they don't export too much goods or services outside the country to balance the economy.

ii) Increase in Population

Another big problem is increase in the population. If population increases their demand also increases but there is limited amount of job which is available to fulfill the employment .

If we control the population then we can fulfill the employment otherwise there is no chance to fulfill or give job to every person.  Hence , it is one of the biggest problem in generating employment in India.

iii)  Educated Unemployment

This is one of the silly question arises that educated youths are also unemployed because there are huge numbers of youths in each sector . Then, there are more options available for employer to get the employees.  This caused educated unemployment .

iv) Technological Unemployment

It is the time or era in which technology is one of the most important sectors in employment . There is huge demand in IT sectors rather than other sectors. But , due to enormously changes in technologies most of the people cannot adapt these technologies frequently . So, they are also also unemployed . This is also the reason for unemployment.

 v) Seasonal Unemployment

In this case, the workers remain employed in particular season . For Example:- Farmers are employed or get hired only for the harvest season as unemployed for the rest of the seasons. Another example is that the workers are hired for the construction of building for a particular duration of time. If the construction of building is completed then they have no job to do.

 vi)  Often Peoples are Job seekers

Most youngsters are job seekers in India. They don't want to create something extra-ordinary which is beneficial to the society or create employment in the society. They focus on getting job and get settled. But we need job creators who creates jobs and employed the job seekers in India and also increase in the GDP of the country.

 vii) Don't Focus on Skill

Today , most youngsters focus on college degrees rather than focus on skills. This is also one of the most important reason for unemployment in today's era or time. In today world, there is huge opportunities to earn money. Anyone can easily earn money if they have proper skills and internet connection. Today internet is also available at a very cheap price. Everyone can easily afford it. In the Internet, you can earn easily money with the use of proper skill without the use of huge investment.

what should we do to overcome the unemployment ?

i) We should control the population and educate them to the consequences of over-population.

ii) Focus on Skill not the college degrees. Because most of the time youngsters can't get the job if they degrees. I personally recommend to focus on skills not college degrees.

iii) We want job creators not job seekers. If we get more job creators automatically jobs are created and the economy is also get developed.

iv) We do not fully dependent on foreign companies technology rather than we should create the technologies to improve the life style of the people.

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