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How to deal with depression

How to deal with depression

1) What is depression ?
2) what are the signs of Depressions?
3) what causes Depressions?
4) How to deal with Depression ?
5) Copying with symptoms of depression.

1) What is Depression ?

Depression is a state or disorder in which excessive sadness, low level of interest in everything and  low motivation surrounding everywhere.

The feeling of sadness is common in life during the depression.. During the period of depression, the psychology of human is always surrounded by negative thoughts, inferior quality and low-level of interest in enjoyable things.

There is fact that depression is common in adults. One out of three people will face the depression in their lives.

2) what are the signs of depression ?

There are many signs of depression or feeling sadness. It includes physical and emotional stress.
Physical stress which means it is related to our body. It includes pain in the body.  Emotions stress which means it is related to our mind or emotions. It includes mental pain.

The signs of depression are given below:-

i) Crying and Feelings of Sadness

It is that state in which we were suddenly started crying and the feeling of sadness revolves around it. The reason behind this the things which we wanted badly cannot get that things and  failures  are the reasons of crying and sadness in life.

ii) State of hopeless

It is that state in which were sad due to many reasons. But there are two main reasons:-
The first reason is that we lost hope due to continuous failures in work or life.

iii) Duration or changes in time of sleep

Another reason is that inadquate amount of hours of sleep which also led to the depression in life.

iv) Loss of pleasure in normal activites:-

There are many reasons to loss interest or pleasure in normal activities. It is due to because the work which we done on regular basis are getting lost interest in it. Which led to the loss of pleasure in normal activities.

v) Due to unhealthy life-style

Unhealthy life-style or unhealthy food also cause diseases like - Gastric problems, headache , muscle-pain etc. Which also led to the depression.

How to deal with depression

3) What Causes Depression ?

There is no specific data which shows the real reason of depression. It is a genetic factor. There is a fact that 30% of depression in a person is comes from there family.

Other is from financial stress which includes- retirement, unemployment, marriage etc.

4) How to deal with depression ?

There are many ways to deal with depression. The two main or primary options are "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" (CBT)  and  "Electroconvulsive Therapy" (ECT) :-

i) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • To control the negative thoughts which lead to reductioj in loss of interest.
  • To help to improve the poor concentration.
  • To reduce the emotions of sadness.

ii) Electroconvulsive Therapy

  • This therapy gives in case the CBT cannot work to help the person to reduce the depression.
  • The person has had a previous positive response to ECT.
  • Pyschotic Symptoms are present.

5) Copying with Symptoms of Depression

  • Prepare your future plans and work on it. Make a list of your plans and write on a notebooks and a specific time frame to complete the work as soon as possible.
  • Increase the time in those activities which would increase the joy in your life.
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others. Be yourself and focus on your work not to compare with yourself in any other things.

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